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Sunday, August 14, 2016

The grumpiest walk is a success, albeit grumpy

{Follow along in sequence as Rosie takes her grumpy walk to her new bedroom suite. The last clip just fills my heart.}

"Rosie, it is the big day! You get to leave this grumpy little stall and move out to the new barn where you will have your own single suite just like you prefer!" I said with as much enthusiasm as any mother about to put her most pessimistic child on the school bus.

"Hrupff errata grr," was her response, as usual.

"No more little chickens pecking at your dry skin, dear Rosie!" And there will be a breeze there, and a sand dusting area," I said

I grabbed a piece of small plywood so I could use it as my pig shield to guide Her Grumpiness on her way, a 300 foot walk from the old barn to the new one [this is a common and easy way to guide a pig that needs it].

Much growling and hrumpfs ensued, and I only filmed what I could because grumpy pig walks take determination and focus.

I did wonder what nearby neighbors heard, and we were laughing at how they will really wonder when I trim her toes which are sadly much too long-but doing Rosie's nails is really a challenge, even my vets gave up [and doing it once with one vet cost $175!]. So no toe trimming for a few days so Her highness can settle.

Once in her suite, I really sensed a new Rosie. I really did. A glimpse of the Rosie I knew back when Stevie the Kissing Goat was with her. It made me miss him. I am going to hang a photo of him in Rosie's stall not only for her, but for me too. What a magnificent friend he was to her those months, and then, she just sort of decided to go solo. I'll move her Rosie's Birdhouse out with her too so she has the things that make it Rosieish.

This morning when I went to see her for her breakfast, she really was happier than she had been in the other suite. Now I will not go as far to say she wasn't grumpy, but a breeze came over both of us and she put her nose up to smell it. This made me so happy, that she has a turnout all of her own again, but still has animal sounds all around her. She hasn't ventured outside, she pretty much sleeps all day. Carrying around all that grump takes energy. Today I sang to her again, and she stood still listening. It was if she was thinking,

I remember that song, you sang it when I first came to live with you. That seems of another time.


spendsister said...

Hooray for Rosie! Nothing good in life is free, and she worked for her new digs!😌

Anonymous said...

It seems that relocation can be stressful no matter what species one is! Congratulations to you both! ♡ ��

Jacquie said...

Boy she IS crabby. I know you call her grumpiest but woo girl. Isn't it funny what we love? I'm a teacher. Some kids are so easy. Then there are those that, well, are like Rosie. And there's always one person they click with. And if you're lucky, that person is sometimes you. Here's to Rosie! May your new digs suit your glorious self.

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