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Friday, October 07, 2016

We are all together

I get much comfort in the light of the barns, and at late dawn and early dusk. The light and the animals, and me, we are together, although some we knew and loved aren't here physically. But they once rubbed noses with each other, or greeted me with hooves or paws on my legs as I sat on a warm rock. They–the animals and rocks-know me in ways you don't. Even Martyn doesn't really know me in the same way.

Is this our place to stay for 10 or fifteen years? I asked the back Wood, and paddocks now shorn down by sheep.

I did not feel an answer...today.

I cracked my ribs this week. A mishap when a farrier walked into the barn isle, and Boone, behaving like a gentleman, backed up, as I had turned to close a gate. I immediately knew I was wounded but kept it inside, for various reason I won't go into. It makes my chores difficult, but I have had cracked ribs before and will heal. If I squat to pick up buckets [which is wise anyway] it hurts less.

This morning I entered the barn with feed buckets. I always feed Boone first, he is the most vocal. I told him I hurt, and I was walking especially slow. Usually he is over excited for his senior food to be placed in his bucket. I looked at him dead on and said firmly,

"I am hurt."

He stood. He waited, seconds-enough for my retreat-then ate.

I finished my chores and went to one of my favorite rocks, warmed by the sun. The sheep stood with me for a minute or two. They like rub downs, even Assumpta has figured out I am the one who leads and feeds, and rubs. I get up and we meander over to the under boughs of M'Lady Apple, her red bounties dripping off her arms. She has layered the ground too with her harvest so the animals may graze their all through the day for a tart fruit snack.  I say 'Hello," to Huck's grave, and Raggedy Man's. And the day is underway.

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