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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Finding comfort in faces and life

It has been a hard week for many Americans. There is an outpouring of sadness from many, including me. It's palpable. There is also slightly less than the half of the voters who are content with the outcome. But Americans just showed that a woman won the popular vote total-this is progress we must not forget.

But I'm not going to rehash the why's of this outcome-there are plenty of people doing that. I am going to write about what I do in times of darkness. I did feel so much darkness that election night, many of us did, some did not. I felt very alone even though I had Martyn and many friends who were upset. I felt a heaviness in the air, and in my lungs and my body was physically agitated. I really did not want to go outside the next day. But I did, because I knew who was waiting for me out there-the faces.

And it helped. The beautiful routine I get to have with my animals in feedings and chores. The Wood behind the barn sent me reassurance,

I am still here.

There is a frenzy on social media. Panic, really. People are passing around probabilities and non factual scary possibilities all over the place. People are rabidly agreeing and disagreeing. Many are desperate for someone to give them hope and comfort. Martyn and I have fears too, for our health care, global security, our funds and our brothers and sisters who work so hard for this country that are now in fear of so many things.

I wrote a post at the end of Wednesday on Facebook of how I was going to handle my grief, shock and fear-by finding light, seeking light. It may sound woo-woo to some, but it is how I get through darkness like this. I find the light right here, in the farm, but also by reaching within and coming back to ideas of how I can share light with the community, both local and global. I can share light by sharing ideas of hope in writing and in my art; I can show through action the importance of communing and helping Mother Earth; I can continue to be of service, to both animal, elder and people and provide a place here that will evolve into a healing place.

I just decided pretty quickly after Wednesday morning's sun did rise,

I am not going to let this man take away my light, joy, talent, hope and ability to act.

So I look to these faces, and their non judgment of me and others, as solace. I am glad they don't have to ponder what we in America must now ponder, still even in 2016-racism, sexism, classicism, the fear and frustration of the working class that helped put this man in the White House. These faces just help me, and I share them with you here too, to help you. They won't solve our problems but maybe inspire you to seek out faces in your own local communities-be it animal, elder person, child in need, or someone needing a lift- and sharing your smile or hand. That is what can get us through this, to feeling our own light, and then to mobilize for the things we need to do to ensure all Americans are treated fairly in this country.

I think a lot of work is in the making for our country. Working on these issues is an ongoing skill for all of us, and for our past ancestors and future generations. I think the outcome of this election -as scared as many are and rightly so-will have powerful things of good coming out of it as the coming months and years go by.