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Friday, November 11, 2016

Helping Rosie the pig get ready for bed

Every night I cover up Rosie for bed - she may sound mad but she immediately goes to snoring and is warm (copyright Apifera Farm)

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I remember liking it when my mother came into my bedroom to tuck me in.

Now that the weather is chillier, I end my chores in the barn by covering Rosie up with straw. Pigs will grab straw and carry it to their nest site, and will cover themselves up with it entirely if needed. Rosie used to do this on her own. I suspect that her arthritis makes that hard for her, I'm not sure, so she is usually half covered.

I actually really like this task. Even though she sounds grumpy, the minute I'm done covering her, she starts snoring.

Being mother to The World's Grumpiest But I'm Fine As I Am Pig means letting her be her ownself, and simply enjoying her demonstrative style.

What a pig!