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Thursday, March 02, 2017

Piglet Watch!

It happens. Despite the best efforts of humankind male pigs are known to bust through fences to get to a lady to...you know, make babies.

We moved here last May and scrambled to get fences up for the animals, so I knew triaging the pig paddocks was a on the list, but would wait until this year. We usually have a board on the bottom of each fence, but I had not gotten to that yet.

Enter Marcella and Earnest. If you follow along, you know Marcella the Maremma came to us a pup, right about when Earnest the boar piglet came to us-and they bonded. They were the cutest odd couple around. They continue to be bonded, and reside together in one of the paddocks next to the lady pigs. But now Marcella and Earnest conspire together, I am sure of it. Marcella pushes and loosens the fence, and Earnest gets his sausage style body under it somehow, if he smells that delectable lady scent of heat. He is built like a stiff Mack truck, but where there is a will there is a pig way.

Anyway, there they were one day, Earnest and Cornelia, doing it.

OK, they're in the act, I'll let them have their privacy, I thought.

I marked my calendar and noted that 3 months-3weeks-3days would be March 5. I noticed signs of pregnancy awhile ago, but now it is clear she is going to farrow soon. I hope she does ok, she is squat, and I kept her as my buddy pig, she is not who I intended to breed. But Earnest can't take it back, nor can she.

I am full up in pigs and so will begin marketing them for sale this week as soon as she farrows.If you know anyone interested in Kunekunes, have them contact me. I have not seen many Maine people raising them so hope I have a good chance on getting them sold.

I talked to Earnest tonight about it.

"Do you know Cornelia is getting ready, babies on the way, Papa?"

He flopped down for a belly rub. He has no interest in child rearing, just food, and sex, and belly rubs. Oh and winter ice skating. Perhaps swimming this summer too.

Stay tuned!
Earnest and Marcella-they are a team

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Terra said...

How cute that Earnest and Marcella are such good friends, even though they get up to big mischief.

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