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Friday, March 31, 2017

What do you think?

I had shown this piece a week ago in other places and it generated a lot of conversation and had meant to post it here too.

This piece was inspired by some recent discussions with close women friends, all of whom are my age or older. We were discussing the question-do you feel more invisible [in your career, or stature] now that you are 59-80 or more, specifically among younger women in your line of work or by others in your field or social circles?

One friend said it felt more like she was felt marginalized by some younger women, when she had so much more experience [not only in her respective career, but as a mother and woman], but felt they weren't as interested in her thoughts, skills, words. [Please note I am not lumping ALL young women or people into being marginalizes.}

I have felt marginalized several times in the recent weeks too-this piece was inspired by that. We all agreed on one thing-we may come into contact with people who marginalize us, but we don't have to own that feeling, nor do we have to tolerate the behavior.


Unknown said...

for myself, I think it's just youth in general not wanting to believe that ancient people (everyone over 30) have done anything or know more than they do. its the folly of youth.

jcg said...

as someone who teaches young women to become teachers at a university, I find that I don't share the same social vocabulary with my students. (It was only a few years ago I learned 'hook up' didn't mean connecting the TV to the stereo.) They do come to me for advice often given my unique role as their professor. Though, a great deal of professional networking is done in social situations that I'm not part of. The age barrier really hits home for me when they talk about going out in the evening at times when I'm in bed!
I do feel there is a general dismissal of older women in general. It's not only younger women but an implicit disregard of our experiences is especially felt in male dominated arenas.

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