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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Apifera opens our heart to more elders!

The very petite, thin and elderly Maxine
I brought home two more needy, elderly cats from the Lincoln County Shelter today. I had been watching to see if Maxine would be adopted, but knew it was doubtful. She's been at the shelter awhile and has a thyroid condition and is on twice daily meds. She is very petite and thin with very matted hair. But what a sweet cat she is. I'm glad I went and got her and she is fitting in well. I try to find out why animals are relinquished to the shelter when I adopt them. Many times an elderly person dies, or becomes unable to care for themselves let alone an animal. Some times it is an unexpected life change or trauma. All of these situations deserve our empathy. But it's getting harder to be empathetic to people that simply grow weary of caring for an elderly animal and relinquish them. I of course don't know the entire story, just what the intake papers say. There was an article today that I read about how there are now way more elder cats in shelters versus kittens.

But Maxine is here now, and I will do right by her. I also brought home a beautiful big man named 'Mittons". I'm sorry, as much as I like the name, I was saying "Mitt" and that just won't do for a whole bunch of reasons, so Mittons needs a new name to coincide with his beautiful gray color and fabulous physique. He is very sweet and after spending his first half hour in the corner, became more active. The other elders-Anna, Sir Tiger and Yume-have been gracious. I hope that continues. You just have to let them be at some point. I spent a good hour with everyone and it was peaceful. To think Yume spent her first month in a box with Anna hissing at her, now they rub noses and coincide-as long as food barriers are met.

I had a real calling to do this today. I had not planned it. But I awoke and just started thinking about getting more elder cats to Apifera. I am getting to know the people at this particular shelter too and they are passing my name out to animal control officers who need to find homes for goats and other creatures in emergency cases. So I felt I was meant to go there today.

They were kind enough to send me home with some canned food. Tig is now on it which means I have t give a smidgen to Yume and Anna. But now Maxine needs it so...I was grateful. If anyone wants to donate canned cat food to Apifera, it is greatly appreciated.

I would also like to ask for your donations for our continuing animal work. Any amount helps. My goal is to build a real war chest per se, so I can have a good base for feed and vet calls. I also found a new vet I want to bring out for the cats. She is highly recommended by many and I'm excited to get her out here and meet her. So your donations will help me do that. Someone recently gave a nice donation so I can get every Apiferian vaccinated for rabies-there have been rabies cases nearby and Maine has an issue with it. Of course our equines and dogs/cats have had the shot, but I never had to do sheep, goats or pigs. SO I was so happy to get that generous donation and rabies shots happen in two weeks.

You can donate here at the blog [if you want to send a check, or canned food, contact me]. Again, I love what I do, but it is expensive and your donations help a lot of animals, and help me to continue. Thank you.

This photo does not do this big man justice, he is a beautiful gray

Sir Tigger the giant sloth toed magnificent feline

Anna now sits politely with Yume