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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Caring for the old donkey

Old Matilda waiting to be trimmed
For the first time since I began caring for Matilda and the other donks, we have white line. You'd think that would have happened first in rainy Oregon, but it has happened here in Maine and my farrier said he is seeing a lot of it this year. I have a new farrier and I finally found one that really knows how to trim donkeys and I'm so happy I found him. It took me awhile to find the right one out West and I did after three tries, and now it has happened here in Maine.

The donkeys just weren't getting trimmed properly by the last two farriers, I knew there was too much toe being left and they looked unbalanced, and this also aggravated the situation, leaving all of them with white line. I'm really irritated, BUT, that is water under the bridge and just am grateful I finally have a good farrier.

So, instead of being trimmed two or three times a year like before [this was appropriate in Oregon where it was drier and they had more rocky land to run around on], I will probably have them trimmed each time he comes and does Boone, which is every seven weeks. It's $45 a donkey, so this adds up, but it is what is needed and I'm grateful we caught it now.

And I loved it when the farrier said, "I have to tell you-these are the best behaved donkeys I've ever worked on."

I promise my blog won't become one big donation plea for the 501[c][3]–I plan to continue sharing stories, mysteries, animal conversations, art and photos....and have some other things percolating for your entertainment [and mine]. But one immediate need is to build up the 501[c][3] fund, so I can pay for related items out of that account. I have found a great accountant and now have a clear understanding what I can and can't do.

My goal is to get a big buffer of bucks in that 501[c][3] account-like $5-10,000- that will cover hay, feed, vet care, medicines, special feeds, cat cottage food and heat, utilities, fencing work and new paddocks...and more. We also want to build a new small barn that will hopefully attach to the barn we built last year to allow for more animal room and better hay storage.

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