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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

I used to float a lot- how 'bout you? A donkey helps.

I'm so lucky to have animals all around me as equalizers, grounders. A long time ago, a city person with a couple of dogs and very little garden, I was taught by someone I still consult with-a healer in my world, a wise sage-that for me and other intuitive types, it's important to remember we are here on this realm, now, not to be floating all around. I did a lot of floating, and can remember it clearly as a child. I especially liked to float in the bathtub, and the car when I was in the back seat. It makes sense, the rhythm of those situations are like a white light of sorts.

I would float off, it was very hard to describe to anyone, and I never did. I just told my healer [in my forties] I would repeat in my head when I was floating, "I'm here, I'm here." She taught me that was the collective me reminding myself that I am in fact here, physically, and this is my place right now, on this stage of Earth. Why would I float? We explored it and of course there are many reasons people might go into this trance like state [for lack of a better term]-to avoid the reality of the current moment, to escape the consequences of something...or to just sort of not be trained or have a skill set to stick around and be in the body. I was the latter.

There is nothing wrong with floating, I do it when I paint in many ways, although it is different. I can make myself float, but I can honestly say it doesn't happen much because I am so connected-physically- to the life I live here on the farm. My healer taught me skills to keep myself grounded-touching the earth, gardening-of course years later I would have a small farm-and touching/grooming animals helps daily. She taught me that if I am going to float, I should do something with it.

As I took a few minutes after cleanup out in the equine area to just sit with them, I remembered all my years of floating. It did make me wonder, what 'good' could I do floating? I guess if it calmed me before making art, or calmed me before having a hard discussion...I don't know, I might have to have a healing session and explore that.

But for now, I just thought you all might like to partake in Pino's morning chew. He chews very slowly and deliberately, a donkey trait, but Pino is by far the most grounded little healer of the herd. And I think he is going to visit some elders Saturday-stay tuned.