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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Mr. Mittens! You need a job!

This morning I was up early and it was crisp as an apple skin in late autumn. I actually felt cold, but loved it. We had our first minor frost so we know what is coming. It's gorgeous out though. I made the trip down to the village town hall to pay our property taxes. Ouch. More than double what we paid in Oregon...but we have more amenities here. We are doing okay, but a freelancer always is walking up a hill and once the vista is seen and appreciated they can't stop, they have to keep going, sometimes round a bend, sometimes down a small hill, or into a valley, and they just have to focus on looking upward and keeping the headlights ready for fog..because you always come out of fog.

I thought of what my mother had said about something once, that when faced with an unpleasant task, think of a bookend to it...and am sure she would have said this today,

"But if you couldn't pay it, you wouldn't have your land and farm so you can pay it and that's why you have it."

Yep, she's so North Dakotan! As am I in many ways.

And, a lesson I know, but relearn over and over-it is often the thought of having to do something that is worse than getting it done. Taxes are like that.

I came back home and before I ventured down to Brunswick to the skin doctor [I will soon look like a partial Frankenstein again...sigh....I promise not to Instagram it, I'm way to old school for that], I stopped in to visit the elder cats.

"You could help by getting some part time jobs," I told them.

The Magnificent Maurice Mittens looked up with an expression that clearly expressed his opinion of that.