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Saturday, March 28, 2020

Everyone's wild about Harry

I took Harry out for another Llama Window Walk at the Cove and it was a beautiful day and we saw beautiful smiles. Harry is so magnificent. Imagine sitting all cooped up in a room, you have not been outside for over a month, have not been able to see your spouse or anyone from the outside world, and there out your window comes a big white llama.

The staff can't even come outside with me but they go room to room inside and then I just follow outside. Photo opportunities are limited since the rooms have screens and very hard to see in, but Harry sees them, and they can clearly see him. The gathering room allows two people at a time to sit in the big clear windows and that is special for everyone.

One of the residents, Sunny, is always jovial and laughs and laughs no matter what animal I bring. He started yelling though the window,

"I love you Harry! Harrrry!"

And then I yelled back, "Harry loves Sunny!" And we yelled "Harry loves Sunny!"

I try to give them encouraging words, to those that are coherent, that we will all be sitting together again....someday. Most of these people have been through wars and chaos of life and they are not push overs. But it has to be depressing for them not being able to see their families since no visitors are allowed. The staff too needs Harry love and they really appreciate it.

When I was leaving a staff person saw me with Harry and asked if I'd walk over to the other part of the complex to another elder home where people have their own apartments but need assistance. I agreed, and I knew someone had recently moved there. He is someone we love, and has come to our farm event twice, once when he was 101 and once when he was 102! And there he was up in his window, smiling ear to ear, and waving. It was so good to see him. I wrote his daughter and shared the photos and she said he had called her to tell her about the Harry visit and he was so excited. His grandchildren too saw it online and were so happy.

Harry is turning into quite the love magnet.

So I am making buttons and will give them out to the residence.

In the meantime, it is a very eerie time for all of us-everywhere all over the world. Most people I talk to say the same thing-they are out of sorts, discombobulated and sad. I had a good cry the other day and a friend said she too cried. I think the wear and tear of hearing so many people in suffering mode, and scared and fearful is taking its toll on all of us. I am a lucky one-I can be outside all the time with my farm and land and animals, as can Martyn. But I am an empath and I have to work to put on my pink bubble suit to try not to take it all on myself. But I am distracted and sad for the pain of the world right now. Many of us are going though so much turmoil and uncertainty. So many have lost their only income and have no backup or savings.

I encourage everyone to keep giving to non profits if you are able. I can't say I'm freaked out-yet-but I am concerned what it will mean for donations and I'm sure other non profits are worried too. We are okay, the feed store seems to be supplied ok [except the people hoarding cat litter] and we have hay until harvest. It will be okay as I watch our fund carefully.

So walking around with my llama...it is so good for so many, including me, and Harry. It is also a wonderful way for me and Harry to bond, he really likes it, and he trusts me which is wonderful, does all I ask of him even as he faces new sounds and sights. It's a big confidence booster for both of us in our mutual relationship.

Harry loves me, and I love him, and everyone is wild about Harry.

Harry visits with our 102 year old friend outside his apartment

One of our favorite elders, 102 and he never stopped waving or smiling