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Saturday, March 07, 2020

The new book is at the printer-Pre Order!

This was by far the most intense book I've written and I think it is my favorite of the seven [I love all of them though]. It was a lot more work as it was more type heavy, and was 228 pages instead of my usual 120 page range. I worked so hard on it and just hope I did the story and creature justice. I feel I did. I also now enter the terrified stage of waiting to see the finished book. There is always something wrong even if it is not noticed by anyone but me. You just hope as a one person band that any errors are not glaring.

The book tells the story of how White Dog journeyed to our farm and is told in his voice [I just translate for him]. Along the way he guided by a squirrel, Crow and a rabbit. It is about living in Nature and speaking with Nature, but also listening to Nature, and to our Inside Speak which many have lost, and never knew they once had.

Full of art and photos of White Dog's world including his beloved second coat–The Snow.

Thank you to so many that have pre-ordered, and to those of you that gave extra support. It is a labor of love to make these books but I'm so grateful I've built this life and I can do it. The book should be ready to ship out mid May but by pre-ordering you are helping this indie author/press keep her debt down to pay off the printing which is substantial for an off set printed color book.