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Wednesday, August 05, 2020

A dragonfly reminds me to never stop believing

{written last week}

Almost two years ago, my friend Jason died by suicide.

After his death I was blessed to get close with his mother who of course is grieving. We share stories together.

One day after his death, I saw a dragonfly...it was huge and quite blue, bluer than others I’d seen...and I just knew it was him. I told his mom about it. As weeks went on I saw him one more time or maybe two...sometimes I knew it wasn’t him.

Well this year when the dragonflies started returning, I didn’t see Jason. I was telling his mom that he maybe has other forms now, or maybe he knows we don’t need to see him as much...that was about a week or so ago. Last night, we sat outside at dusk and lots of dragonflies came-more than I’ve seen of late and they were zooming in and out. There was one that kept getting really close. I told Martyn it didn’t feel like Jason but I wasn’t sure.

We’ll, this morning I went in the barn and all of a sudden this dragonfly falls out of nowhere at my feet. Never had one in the barn. He hopped right in my hand and I could not see any damage to him but he stayed right there on my hand. I took him outside and placed him on a leaf in the lilac. He sat still for seconds and flew off. I think Jason wanted to tell me to never stop believing he is a dragonfly...and I won’t.