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Thursday, December 24, 2020

Have a Harry Christmas

We are grateful for all the support of so many. I am blessed and graced to be able to live amongst my animals and share them with the elders, and share story and art through them with all of you. I could not ask for more. I truly am meant to be a story teller, part comedian, part crow, part grief counselor...it seems to be that all things have come together for that.

We are doing tonight what we do most nights, sitting together with the fire and good food and some spirits. I truly acknowledge every moment of it, with Martyn, and the animals because I know it will not always be here, this life, and I see couples apart due to age or illness, or death. While that fact is sobering it is also a gift as it keeps the perspective healthy-what we have this minute is what is to be acknowldeged.

The animals are sharing songs on Facebook and IG, so stop over there and enjoy the festivities. The week after Christmas is always my time to reflect on what I envision for the next year, as in goals and dreams, and improvements.

I delivered Harry's newspaper to the elders yesterday. I wish it could have been with Harry but it was too crazy over there and my activity director was too crazy-when I arrived at the front door, there were people with signs standing in front of their family's window to share some love. It is so hard. 

But we do plan after the holiday to get Harry over there to hold court in the front outdoor atrium. It is better than no Harry. For now, he has shared his ornaments, puzzles, newspapers and Harry pin ups with them. We also will start doing more Facetime with some of the biggest animal lovers there.

So be safe. Look for the silver lining. There is always something invisible percolating.