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Tuesday, December 22, 2020

It turns out I was a conduit for the pug....


I'm sorry to tell you that the old one eyed pug will not be staying at Apifera. I'm happy to tell you that he has found the perfect fitting home now, without pets or cats or kids. I need to be transperant with all of you, especially those who donated to the vet bill when his eye stitches popped [thank you,we raised the $700 needed to pay for emergency eye work].

 In some ways, it was an easy decision, in others, not. I just knew that he was not safe here, and my animals also deserve to live in their home without being harassed. We went over it a million times, and always came to the same conclusion-and he deserves a quiet home, with his very own human-that is what he wants.
I can tell you that each of the nine days he was here, I loved him and helped him as best I could. I was able to show him he was ok, he was not being left. 
Is it still a Christmas miracle, as I wrote on his arrival? You know I'm an optimist, and I believe in the wisdom of the universe, and I do still see it as a miracle, because it got him out of the bad situation he was in -quickly-and he got stablized so to speak in order to finish his journey to his real home that waited for him. I thought it was our home, but it wasn't, I was a conduit.
I'm not really sad, because as the mama bear of the house, I like knowing everyone is happy and safe. ..and now they are, including him. It's just kind of a blur. I'm just kind of worn out. But it was the best decision for him, and our animals. Am I disappointed....yes. Am I relieved too...yes. Did I do my best...yes. Is he safe...yes. Are my animals safe...yes. Did I shed a tear...yes.
I loved him. And cared for him. He will probably get a new name which is fitting. But for 9 days, he was Uncle Wally.

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Terra said...

How good that Uncle Wally has a new home where he will be the star, no other dogs or cats or children to compete with. So he is safe and content. A Christmas miracle, and you were the conduit.

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