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Friday, May 06, 2022

The sensitivity of the donkey poet

 Sometimes I stumble on a poem Paco wrote and I am just struck by his sensitivity, playfulness and non ego.

A Poem by Paco
When I’m happy
You might be sad,
When I’m good
You might be bad.
Sometimes I have things to say really loud
Sometimes I look up just happy to see a cloud,
But you might be hiding, wishing I’d go away
You might be hoping to just make it through another day.
My mother told me this
and she told me all the time
"Paco, everyone is different
but everyone is the same,
We all have hearts, we all make mistakes,
We all have to bend over
when we go to lace our skates.”
I’m not sure what all that means
at least the skating part,
But I do know how I can sense
when someone near me has a broken heart.
It’s not really a smell,
nor does it have a sound.
But a broken heart can follow
any creature around.
And when I sense one near me
I stand very still
I imagine there are cookies
up on my favorite hill.
I guide that broken hearted creature
be it man, child or beast,
I take them to my imaginary cookies
and we have an imaginary feast.
We chew them up real slowly,
and with every bite,
The broken heart hears our vibrations
And starts to get a lot more light.
As our bellies fill with cookies
 Even though they’re not real,
The once broken heart
Notices it can still feel.
{copyright: Paco the donkey, Apifera Farm]