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Monday, May 23, 2022

Why is this so scary?

When I started this blog back in 2009 it was a new platform. There was no Facebook, Instagram, or TicToc. It was a wonderful time to get into blogs because people actually came here and communicated over a post. I became friends in real life with many of those people, and many still follow along in social media. The blog helped me get into writing, daily and consistently. My writing has really improved over the years because I work at it.

But in time, the other social media platforms have really taken over. I've been digging my heals in the ground about my blog for several years. What I like about it, for me, is it is a history all on one page of the farm and animals. It is a quieter place for people to come without ads and videos popping up in their feeds.

But I think the reality is...people who follow me generally don't come here much, and if they do, they don't comment or partake. That's fine. It's the reality of social media. Nothing stays the same, and blogs have faced that. 

I feel like I've been having to try to write on the blog–where as I more enjoy sharing my day and movies and stories on IG and TicToc - which all are shared on the Apifera Facebook page. 

I feel like the blog is....maybe done. But I'm fond of it. And as social media is always changing, having the blog is a safety net in some ways.

If the blog was gone, I don't think I'd notice much difference in donations, or art sales, since the blog seems to have become more of an archive of the farm's history, and my history when Apifera was started.

I don't know. I feel like it would be freeing to say....it'll stay up, but my daily writings and photos, videos, puppet movies and more will happen on my other platforms.

Why is that so scary for me, to let go...


Anonymous said...

I think the blog allows for more depth, detail, elucidation. It takes more analysis on the part of the writer. Effort. The other platforms more like poems...succinct and sometimes meaningful but oftentimes not. Like Ray Bradbury predicted. Short. Terse. Perhaps less thought. Like the dying newspapers, I mourn the blogs.

Anonymous said...

It's a dilemma. Social media is fun and quick. The blog is a quiet, comfortable place for warmer conversation. I am guilty of reading and leaving, making comments on the other pages. Whatever you decide, you know we're with you.

Anonymous said...

I understand, I do. I once wrote a weekly food article for a Hispanic newspaper, and I did find myself a bit dry at times. But oh, how I would miss you and your writing! It’s one of the blogs I look forward to and you have the ability to transport me to the farm, and I feel like a part of the feedings, the visits to the nursing home and yes, even the passing of the wonderful inhabitants of Apifera. I don’t do tactok or any other forms of social media, so I would miss you terribly but of course I realize it is your decision. Hopefully you will continue, but if not I do u derstand

Anonymous said...

Dear Katherine,
I'm one of your regular blog readers who is guilty of not leaving comments, because expressing myself in words is hard for me.
I feel called to let you know now, though, how much your heart-felt, vulnerable, honest and deeply human shares here have touched me over these past months, ever since I discovered you last year.
I have laughed and cried and been deeply moved and inspired by your blog posts and they're something I so very much look forward to reading (I check for new posts almost daily).
Alas, I'm not part of the social media Twitter, Tik Tok, IG, Facebook, etc. world and I realize that's where most folks are now living. And so I miss out on a lot, both positive and also negative stuff.
I also hear and understand that you might be feeling a bit torn about possibly retiring the blog. There's so much history here, as you say, of the farm and the animals and all that's been unfolding for you all over the years.
It is so precious to have all this here and I cherish being able to come here whenever I feel the need for some soul nourishment. It is a little bit of a quiet refuge for me, a resting place, from the chaos of the rest of the world out there.
And while I would greatly miss your blog posts, I want to encourage you to follow your heart and move in the direction that calls most to you and that feels most nourishing for you.
Thank you for your beautiful heart, dear Katherine, for all that you are and all the wonderful work that you do in the world to support those most in need, both animal and human. I'm so very grateful to have discovered you when I did.
Sending you all much Love & Light and many bright & beauty-filled Blessings,
Rainbow Lonestar

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

I appreciate your honest and empathetic comments, everyone. I think I'm in the same camp as these commentors-I like it here, it's quieter, and safer. I think too, it's not so much that people don't comment here as much as the old days, it's that I wonder if they are reading. I know some of you still are, and in that way, I feel I'm letting you down by not making this the #1 post before the other social media. I try to keep the blog now for longer, more thoughtful posts, and the other social medias are like drive by thoughts and silly movies. I will ponder-thank you for taking time to write!

Anonymous said...

I would miss your blog. Although I am one that does not comment, I do enjoy coming here 2-3 times a week to see what's new, the photos, poems, stories, etc. Not really active on other platforms. Love your sensitivity and insight.

mel said...

I'm guilty of reading-but-not-commenting...and I apologize for that. I love blogs -- I don't love social media and don't visit there. I also understand that your time and energy is finite and you need to put your efforts where they can reach the most people. That said, I would be sad to see your blog retire...so many others have done the same (including myself!) and, as I say, I understand. Thank you for your sharing...for the work that you do and the light you shine out into this messy, broken world.

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

I just want to clarify [perhaps I did not choose the right words] but people not commenting on the actual blog, here, does not bother me. That is just how it is now. It is more that I feel things shifting for me, maybe. I'e seen some people with blogs totally fizzle out of years ago for various reasons. The blog is more like a long memoir, of Apifera and me in Apifera. I think I'm saying it is shifting to something, I'm not sure what.

also want to say that I rarely comment publicly anymore on heavy posts or serious topics. I will message someone privately f I know them and want to discuss. I think alot of people are maybe worn out from commenting, so I really have no problem with that.

Anonymous said...

I would miss your blog very much. I am not a Facebook person and not much of a public commenter. Your writings move my emotions and often I share your blog with friends and heartfelt emotions are discussed. Your blog has a ripple effect of goodness. I would miss you very much.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy the blog, but do what you feel is right. -Cathy

Candace said...

I've blogged since 2009 and hardly anyone reads mine anymore but I keep plugging away. Originally I posted incessantly, 5-6 times a week then down to 3x, then 1x. Now I blog once a month because I can't let it go but, like you, I do it for me. I like to look back at my own life now and then, to see what I was doing. Maybe I'll drop to once a year. Most of my original blogging friends left the platform long ago but I still check in with those left, like you, now and then It's nice to catch up briefly.

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