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Friday, July 25, 2008

Chicken Poet

Inspired by Cowboy Dan, the painter attempts to write a poem about Ward the rooster...have you ever tried to take a 'self portrait with chicken' while holding a chicken? I have my own unique way of rhyming in chicken. I will not quit my painting job.

Sitting with my chicken
on any given day,
might appear to be a boring act
if you took our expressions as fact.

For when I sit with Ward
my rooster with wounded leg,
I stroke his flat ears and neck
examining feathers of grey fleck.

This causes my mouth to relax
and my eyes to cloud with calm
and makes my bold rooster close both eyes
just like a creature as he dies.

So if you came upon me and my chicken
as we sat in silent repose,
you might just shake your head and say
'What a most terrible waste of the day.'

And though Ward and I would differ
with such an unqualified remark
I'd remain calmly sitting
and prepare these words so fitting,

"Shhhhh", I would whisper to you,
"My Ward is within a dream"
And disgusted you would walk away
Leaving me and my chicken with a perfect day.


Judy Wise said...

ha ha ha. I can't believe there is actually a worse poet than I.

(it's very sweet and I secretly like it ---- and I like chickens too)

Cathy said...

Hee hee. I think you invented a new rhyme scheme! Wonderful sepia photo too.

I hope Ward is healing nicely.

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

Actually, it sort of makes me dizzy when I read it, so I take no offense at being crowned a bad poet...

Dan Dutton said...

One of the perennial subjects I've painted is "woman holding a rooster" ~ this photo fits the bill, uh, beak. I do wonder that it's the painter's head that's cut off. More often it's the roosters...

I'm very flattered to be a prod to poetry.

Amy Cameron Evans said...

Love the poem but especially the self-portrait with Mr. Ward.Also LOVE the Madame Butterfly illustration in the previous post--so rich and elegant and mysterious!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Poetry.

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