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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Phew, it's over

The chocolate lab named after a pie and the pug with one eye were banished [in their minds] to the house on Pie Day. I had intended to have them out back, so visitors could visit with them if they wanted. But the heat was too deadly for the pug - one must take heat and pugs seriously. Even in the house, I had to water him down a couple times.

After the event, one of our our house guests from Kentucky confessed that he had been sneaking visits into the house to lie flat on the cool cement floor. "I was just trying to survive!" he declared in his Kentucky brawl. That was the quote of the weekend, and when I think of it I laugh out loud. Good memories.

When the last guests had left, Huck and Billy came out to find the grassy area where we all sat sprawled. The first thing Huck did was roll, laugh, and grin. I love that dog. And the pug? He went for the nearest cat poop, tenderly rolled in some Apifera gravel, his favorite sushi combo. I love that dog too.


A.B.Monk said...

I've been reading your blog for awhile and I love it! I just adopted a black lab too (picture is here, if you want to see: http://www.flickr.com/photos/spinnermoon/2633280891/) and he is so great! They are such joyous little creatures. I love reading your blog, it's one of my favorites.

Cathy said...

I fell madly in love with both of these splendid pups! Huck is the sweetest, goofiest Lab ever, and Billy is just plain sweet.

It was hard sitting in the studio listening to Huck's pitiful whimpering about being stuck in the house. I think PT Barnum has been coaching him.

Our Juicy Life said...

It has been so hot down here too. We used to put a cold kitchen towel over the pug and he'd walk around with it on, he'd also sleep in the night with it on, it cooled him off so fast. BUT....not sure if you noticed the "USED TO"...friday we had to put him down. He was 16, deaf, blind in one eye and although his body was strong as a tank, his mind was gone and it just wasn't fair to see him wander around, be so anxious, disconnected, confused, he was senile and it just got too hard to watch. When he wasn't the dog we knew, we knew it was time. Friday was the hardest day of my life, he died in my arms.

Robbyn said...

I can never get enough of the donkey pictures :)

I love your blog and have left you an award I'm passing along...on my last post at http://homesteadingthebackforty.blogspot.com/2008/07/im-honored.html

shepherdgirl said...

Thank you so much, Robbyn! I really appreciate that I actually have steady readers! Although I do write for myself, I am aware the audiance reads it, and it is a full circle. Thank you.

And hearing that Auggie is gone makes me sad for you, I know how had that transition is for human companions. I wrote you a note on your blog and am all of us here send sloppy love, and pug love from our one-eyed man.

Thanks for writing everyone!

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