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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Pie Love: Neighborly pies

One of our guests at Pino Pie Day was a neighbor about 5 miles from here. She lived in a house with her husband of 50 some years. Her husband died three years ago, but she still lives in the house with her adult daughter who brought her to the party, complete with fresh gooseberry pie and a handwritten recipe.

It was so nice meeting nearby neighbors - it takes time to mingle out in the country. I was able to sit with Shirley amongst the donkeys, and we talked about her husband and gooseberries [which she still picks and freezes]. She invited us over to pick berries anytime. She and her daughter were lovely, and I found it so wonderful that many people brought pies, or aprons too.

One of the things that was very unique about this event is people were talking and mingling with each other and introducing themselves. It was very different than our past open farm days, which were all great, but people really mingled. You learn something at every event, that will make the next one even better, but this event had perfect flow.

And we found out it was actually 99 degrees! We mused at how many we would have had if the temp had been less, so the crowd size was perfect.

After baking pies and eating pies, the illustration I did for one of my Pino story books has come true. I ate so many pies I almost popped!


turquoise cro said...

O! Katherine! How SWEET, a gooseberry pie recipe! and meeting a neighbor!!!I don't know whether we have any gooseberries in WV! I'll have to ask my dear friend who I just hung up the phone with after telling her to check your Blogs! The pics are all WONDERFUL! and SWEET! I told her! Your illustration gave me a chuckle! LOL Phew! I wish I could have been there! I asked my friend if she knew of any donkeys living nearby and she told me she would take me to some who live with some longhorn cattle near her! WOOT! I might have to make a pie too! YOU are making me hungry for PIE! tee hee

un instinct de bonheur said...

I'm going to bake a gooseberry pie (or "tart" as we say in Ireland / "Tarte" in France) and hope that I will "pop" - I can' think of a better way to go!!

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