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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Pino's aprons online!

Pino has anticipated the moment, as have I, and all the remaining aprons, that were donated by faithful readers, are online, and available for purchase. If you are an apron lover, you will have fun. I did looking at them all over again.

With Lucia and Pino modeling, and even our little neighbor friend Nicolo helping [who happens to need a new home if your looking for a donkey friend-see side bar at left], I think there is an apron for just about anyone. Even some children's aprons. Some from France even! Fabu!

If you don't have any idea why I have my donkeys modeling aprons, visit the Donkey Dream site, it's much too interesting a concept to rush through it here. Besides I've been at the computer for a day with a donkey by my shoulder..."Are you done yet?"...

All money goes into Pino's secret money jar in the barn for his donkey therapy gigs.

If you don't see your apron, it sold at the Pie Day. We had about 100 aprons, but there are still many wonderful ones left - no, they are ALL wonderful! And we thank all the sewers, and senders.


coloredsock said...

oh that photo is hilarious! pretty impressive models. that is really great that people donated 100 aprons! so many generous, caring peeps out there. i gotta get better at sewing by next year. hee.
--gotta run and see the aprons! xo

turquoise cro said...

LOL It's a GREAT day in Yamhill Road!! They all are soOOOOOOOo Beauty Full! I noticed my apron that I sewed is #8 and Not For Sale! Whazzzuuuppppp? Did Pino buy that for a girlfriend??? I am CRO aka TurquoiseCro aka Cinda Rae Oliverio, I know, it's sometimes way too confusing!!! Good LUCK with your Apron Sale!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, those aprons are so wonderful! I love them all.

I don't usually comment but I read your blog all the time, and you so inspire me! So much that I've given you this little award:


Thanks so much for doing what you do. It makes the world a more beautiful place.

shepherdgirl said...

Thanks everyone! Yea, sometimes I have way too much fun out here left to my own devises...CInda, I fixed the site so your fun apron is for sale, sorry about the error! And gee wiz, an award for me...I'm happy you feel that way about my writing. I went to your blog and there are some pretty great links on there - everyone should check it out!

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