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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Keeping calm

It's really easy to be scared right now, isn't it? Uneasy, unsure. Wary. Weighted down with thoughts, of "what if?".

Oddly, I am pretty calm. I've weathered enough since going freelance in 1996 that I know it will be ok. It's always darkest before the dawn. This is a correction of greed. Sadly, many innocents are hurt.

So there is only one thing I can do. Look up. Keep making art. Focus on the now, the moment, and see hope in a new kind of future. I'm not a religious person but I have a firm belief in myself, and the higher strengths that comfort and guide me. I believe that working in the land and with my animals, as well as painting,is an open ended prayer to a higher entity. But lately, I have awoken around 3 am, somewhat restless, and I have taken to saying prayers in my head: wisdom for the masses to vote, wisdom to the world leaders, safety for Obama from the cynical machines, and prayers for new opportunities and projects for my art. Yesterday I took sometime at lunch to enjoy the warm day, beautiful day, to make a small prayer flag. It sounds so simple, but even in scary times, it is a choice to look up and sing a song. The song might not last all day, but it will keep coming back, if you bring it back.

I've always been an optimist, my father once said. No reason to stop now.
I painted this piece a few days ago. Called "And then the wind blew in", it is full of many things. You can make your own symbols, but it pleases me when I look at it. a few days ago. Called "And then the wind blew in", it is full of many things. You can make your own symbols, but it pleases me when I look at it.


Debbie said...

Possibilities. Life, for many people may not keep on as it has been, but if we look, we might see more possibilities. Creative people see the possibilities and make a new life, fuller than what they had imagined before. Thank you for your painting showing possibilities that the wind blows in.

Tracie Lyn Huskamp said...

Katherine.. I LOVE this new piece... YES.. the wind blew in and the sun shines (well it is for today in Kansas).

I am saying prayers too for wisdom and guidance in all things... our country, my own path.. for new opportunities...

I LOVE this quote by Rudolf Steiner "May My Thinking Be Creative and Fill the World with Light"

BIG HUGS...!!!!

Balou said...

I love the idea of creating a prayer flag. Coming to your site and seeing your artwork lifts me up. Paco's hunting survival tips are good chuckles too. Thanks for sharing with us!

Terre Busse said...

I love your attitude through these times. You are right, keep singing your song and keep bringing it back. Thanks for the wisdom. I will keep singing. Freaking out is just too exhausting.

Bruce Anderson said...

things will get better and if you just sit around and worry about it it will be horrible, there is nothing we can do right now but wait, wait it out...greed, yes that's the problem. Everyone wants something bigger, better and they can't afford it, but they go for it anyway, then they get in trouble and can pay and the banks they are so secretive don't tell each other anything, they are all holding their cards so close and the market well let's not talk about that. The world is having a hard time now, but you say a prayer and go about your daily, simple life and trust that things will improve. It is scary though.

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

I also think letting go of expectations of 'when' it will be over helps- ie, some thought 'they'll put money in the market and boom, it will be ok'. But it took a long series of steps to get here so ...anyway, not putting a timeline on it has helped me. Just going forward, 'what can I make today."

Thanks for writing everyone. Men in Aprons for Obama!

Dan Dutton said...

I think that ultimately our lives and our culture would benefit from being a little less materialistic & it could be that the only way that will take root is for many of us to experience how transient and ultimately unsatisfying the ceaseless pursuit of more than we need actually is. So maybe the change, though difficult, is what we need to get to a better way of living.

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

I agree, Dan. There are many that don't seem to know they are excessive becasue they are so caught up in the cycle of excessiveness. You and I are lucky I guess, we have always had nature and land as a muse even as children, versus buying too many shoes [not that I have anything against shoes.] It's going to be a bumpy ride, but I know at the end of each day I have shelter, heat, food, love and passion of my own. And health, knock on wood.

Anna said...

I completely love this painting, Katherine. Wonderful post, too. Gracias.

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