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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ode to a cow

I just added this new painting for sale over at Apifera-a-Day.Our farm used to be a 100 acre dairy, years ago. That means there a lot of milk cows that were born and died on our land. I love cows. I really want one, but have resisted as milking is another 2x chore that adds to my diversion schedule. Plus, where you have one cow, you need two cows.

Anyway, I did this in honor of a cow I knew that died. Cow heaven does exist. It floats right above the barn here. I've seen it, but only when the perfect mix of weather conditions come together. Clover floats there too, and milk is served by bluebirds in frosty glasses to the cows.

I'm adding almost daily to Apifera-a-Day.


Bruce Anderson said...

ah, lovely. just perfect...i can't say any more.

coloredsock said...

i LOVE cows, too. and i so dig the blue flying cow with butterfly wings. i love how you honor animal spirits you've known. hey, and cool egg drawings, too--sounds like a fun job! xoj

Linda O'Neill said...

Oh that just makes me wanna cry. I love cows too and they don't get the respect they deserve in our world.
Really beautiful painting, Katherine.

P.S. And if you have two cows...you definitely need a donkey too!:)

farmlady said...

I hope all heavens are connected to each other because I can't amagine a human place without animals.
Beautiful painting!!

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