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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Weekly ear meeting

While I'm never officially invited to the Thursday morning ear meetings, I do sometimes over hear the agenda. Today I heard some whispering about 'candy corn protocol' and 'gum remover'.


julie@greatwool.com said...

Oh yes Ear Meetings..kind of like Kitty Klatches, Wool Waxing Siestas and Horsie Hay Wires - i don't get invited either but I am an avid eavesdropper

farmlady said...

My goats have these head together meetings too. I;m never asked to join them.
The photo is wonderful. I love the way the sun lights their hair and their ears are beautiful.

Lindsay said...

Please let us into the secret of 'gum remover' - might help us humans with "swimmer's ear" remove the wax!

Cathy said...

I'm such a fool for furry ears! Wish I were there to scritch.

'Candy corn protocol,' snicker.

Tai said...

Ah, my morning is now complete, with this sweet bouquet of fresh donkey ears.

Gayla said...

I just found your blog and so very glad that I did. I love it. So much great information and I could literally spend hours here. You have done a really great job.

My name is Gayla and I have just migrated over from AOL after having a journal there for 5 years. Slow process, but I will get all my tags, widgets and support banners up soon. It's work in progress! Here is my link if your interested in stopping by: http://unfussy.blogspot.com/

Again, really great blog :) I'm also an Obama/Biden supporter working hard with the campaign. :)


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