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Monday, October 13, 2008

Read a little, eat a little

I had fun doing a series of about 20 b/w spot illustrations for a wonderful little food and literary publication, Alimentum. This food journal, printed 2x annually, is beautifully produced as labor of love, and features fiction and poetry related to food and cooking. If you are a foodie, and a reader, I suggest you visit their site and consider ordering a copy or two. They would make wonderful gifts for the cook in your life. I think my work will be in the Winter issue.

I always say that eggs are really a perfect food. What food when left in the roost can actually turn into an animal, but if taken from the roost can become a fritatta, or mixed into batter to make a cake. Eggs come with their own suitcase too.

Coming soon: Paco learns to say good bye to the giant pumpkins he's helped raise.


Cathy said...

Wonderful drawing! My favorite is the one who looks like she's meditating in her eggcup. I know Alimentum and look forward to your issue.

I'm thinking about that delicious frittata Martyn made us for breakfast...

Penny said...

Have I mentioned to you lately that you're one of my favorite of all time artists? Yeah. You sure are. :)

Love those eggs!

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

Cathy- was it 90 degrees and we all still had wine in our system when we ate the frittata?

Miss P - ah, you make me blush. But I never turn away from heart felt adoration. I must begin thinking of surprise nursery items...Now, I've asked Jenny to name her baby Katherine, so maybe you can name your baby Katherine too. Katherine Dullaghan, it sounds like a famous author, don't you think? SInce I don't have people babies, nor never will, I must ask all my younger sisters to name their children after me.

Cathy said...

Why, yes! But the frittata would have been just as yummy in 60 degree weather with nothing but beer and brownies in our system.

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