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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fabric experiments

I'm excited to try out a new online company that prints small runs of fabric. If it turns out well, I will definitely share the info. I want to create square swatches that I can use in hand sewn items. And since I can't afford one of those awesome embroidery sewing machines, I thought I'd see how mimicking hand stitching, and including fabric collage pieces, will come out on this fabric.

My mom gave me her old Bernina sewing machine, purchased in 1974. I have it down at the shop for a tune up, but hopefully it will still work just fine. I know some of you cringe thinking about the oddities I will now be able to create in my 'spare' time. Cat suits, donkey swim wear, more rubber suits for my farm man. Endless ideas. Actually, my main goal is to create blankets for the Apifera cats who must reside outside all winter. I've been buying old blankets at the Goodwill, but I want some that are kitty fashionable and have that 'Apifera essence'.

The 1974 Bernina has the original brochure in it, with my mother's handwriting. She was 48 when she bought it, and I was 17. Now I'm older than she was then. It gave me a jolt. Life does go by fast, and faster. That's why I want to learn new things as much as I am able. Do I wish I had been more patient when my mother tried to teach me to sew? Yes. But if I can learn to train a horse, or weed 4000 lavender plants, certainly I can conquer a sewing machine. Stay tuned.


coloredsock said...

sounds so fun! can't wait to see how the fabrics turn out. and yeah! i LOVE drawing with thread, by hand or the free-stitch function on my machine. it's freeing to use a medium i am uncomfortable with (as strang as that sounds) cause there are no expectations and genuine stuff comes from it. have fun!

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

I love changing mediums too. And find making things with fabric really comforting right now.I guess it's the tactile quality. Maybe it's a return to childhood I don't know.

Anna said...

Looking forward to hearing how the fabric experiment turns out! I have a machine, but for some reason I'm totally intimidated by it. I've even used it before to make blankets for my brother and sister, but I'm still afraid of it. Pish! Not for long, darnit!

Tracie Lyn Huskamp said...

HEY.. I recognize that FAB piece of fabric on the little donkeys neck... VERY NICE.. VERY VERY NICE!!!

OOooOoO YOu will have to share the web addy for the company that prints the fabric... inquiring minds would LOVE to know!!


Sandra Monat said...

that sounds so intersting! Looking forward to read more about your fabrics

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