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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Lord Jimmy lives on

...the giant pumpkins were created by a mouse lord from long ago. The mouse Lord, named Jimmy, bred the giant pumpkins for geodesic home domes for his colony of mice, of which there were thousands. Mice workers would tunnel in and carve out the giant orb, creating a perfect winter home for a large family of rodents...

Visit Tails & Tales, the short story site of artist/Katherine Dunn to read this story.


farmlady said...

Katherine, this is wonderful! All of it. Mice,"opportunistically" working "within the system". That is really funny!
Tell Paco he might want a raise now that he's working homeland security duty...., at least he deserves a whole pumpkin pie.

deedledumpling said...

Sounds like a children's book to me. Lovely, sweet story!!

coloredsock said...

oh man, you crack me up. i think the sheep and the mice are actually good friends 'behind the scenes'. it's all snowballing into a novel, i mean, it's so hysterically obvious.

JoyceV said...

It is a fabulous story and great photos! There's always so much going on in your life on the farm. So many great characters.

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