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Monday, May 25, 2009

Feelin' groovy walkin' my stuff

Some people have asked how Samuelle Noel is doing...the expression and swagger of thankfulness in these pictures should explain it all. He has turned into a real sweet heart of a guy. Much more quickly than some of the other semi ferel strays that have shown up here in the past. His feet are still like marshmallows and always will be, but he seems to hang out close to the barn. He is very submissive, so easy to have in the clan, and has even tried to befriend the once dominant Mr. Bradshaw-I-Just-Came-Back-Cuz-I-Can cat. He no longer lets out his male pleas for female hanky panky. I again thank all who participated in last month's raffle to help vet him.


Emma said...

Wonderful! :)

Pat said...

It looks like he thinks very highly of you. Don't you just love that walk. "Feeling Happy".

Anonymous said...

He's a handsome lad!

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