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Friday, May 15, 2009

Post office alert! Pino's getting mail again!

The first arrivals of aprons and fabric swatches are coming in! So fun and heartwarming to see the time people have already put into beautiful aprons! One package had two homemade reversible aprons, so well made. And the swatches are just great!

I have so much fun opening each package, each one is meaningful and heartfelt - thank, thank you.

I am not sure yet how I am going to post the aprons and swatches this year. Last year I was overwhelmed. Some people don't have websites or blogs, and some do. I'd like to give people credit when I can. I think I will post aprons that don't sell at the event on Pino's apron gallery in late June. Swatches I'll take pictures of in groups to share here. And the swatches will all be documented once people write their words/blessings/prayers/thoughts on them to be hung up at the Hospice Celebration Day.

For now, Pino and I send love to all who have donated so far! Brays, hoof stomping, kisses.

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