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Sunday, May 17, 2009

This is Boo Boo

I created a special little sock doll for Huck awhile back. I knew full well he would make it is own by taking the stuffing out, and rearrange the arms and legs to his liking. The head would disappear into the back studio fairy land, and he would spend a good day sucking on the threads to give it a nice straggly look.

As an artist, we must often let go of our work, and let it be cropped for a published piece, or edited down to the provide a solution for a client. So I looked at my sock doll as the final outcome of a creative partnership with Huck. I guess he played the client role.

Huck often has that 'look'. You lab owners know the one I'm talking about - "Ohhh, did I make a booboo? I love you, I love you. " So we named our creation Boo Boo.

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Kathy said...

Poor baby, no you aren't in trouble. How cute Huck is.

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