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Sunday, September 01, 2013

Pony shelters, pig naps and life as the young elder

Martyn is busy, busy, busy building the pony structure for Old Mama Sugee and Wilma. We should have a roof up today and a structure so next weekend I can put up cedar siding. I have a lot to do in the paddock area too like putting in new gates and posts, making a culvert for winter water flow and improving existing fencing. I think we will also do a rain collection gutter on the hut too. Sugee and Wilma will then have nose neighbors - Boone and the rams, and Doris and Pearl on the other side. Eventually they can mingle with goats I think, as long as Sugee is secure. They get along with everyone it appears.

It's hot, but tomorrow should cool down. Martyn amazes me how he just works in it, without complaint. I'm so fortunate to have a friend and husband like this! The farm is a source of continuing projects, and of course I can't build much on my own which Martyn points out is a blessing! I did manage to secure the back gate on the hay barn so that Boone and the rams can't snack on the hay anymore. Rascals.

I feel quiet, but in a nice way. I told Martyn I feel like I have stepped up a level in age this week. I feel like a young elder now, not only in heart, mind and attitude, but also in appearance. And it's all fine. I've lost my mother and two aunts in the last four months with only one remaining uncle left. I am taking my place on the great mandala I guess. One thing I've noticed is a new and improved distaste for other people's dramas - especially those who always seem to be in one calamity or another. There is enough healthy excitement every time I go to feed the barnyard that I am shunning anyone or anything that brings uneccessary personal stuff into my life. Martyn and I talked about that last night - we don't need it, or want it, or deserve it. We just want to help our farm, do good work in our businesses, and enjoy our days and nights together. As usual, he treated me to a wonderful meal last night with lantern light and stars joining us.

I have to start the autumnal chore of trimming feet and giving shots to the sheep and goats. I get slower every season I think. I'll wander on out after I write this and do the rams and the goats. Maybe I'll do the sheep tomorrow, or next weekend. But first I took time to sit with the pigs for a little bit and watched them nap, and then sat and watched Martyn work on the new hut. He's like a goat on a ladder, up and down with ease. I thought of all the projects my parents worked on together, and Dick and Alice - or so many of our now young farm friends. When you work on a house together, or on land and a farm, you are part of it. It never leaves you, and vice versa. I won't fast forward to a day when we can't be here. But if we do have to leave someday, our blood and that of any creature living here others is here forever.


Anonymous said...

Lovely! Cat B I can never figure out how to post other than Anonymous!

Jenuwin said...

Look forward to a trip through your world while it enhances mine....love to Pino

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