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Thursday, September 19, 2013

The hat floats on

I saw my first color samples from the new book, "Misfits of Love" and am very happy, and excited. I will be uploading all files this week and then...I wait. I can't wait to see the full color proofs.

Books are funny - you get them partially written, then you rewrite them in chunks which leads to more ideas and ways to reshape the book. Art formulates as I go, then changes. It's like a painting in that regard, you think you might be done, but then it evolves, or gets one slight little tweak - and you can't believe you almost finished the project without that special revision.

I feel that way about this hat image. I won't go into too much detail because you will have to see for yourself how it is placed in the book, but I created it this week because after I got the new end sheets completed, my last page of art didn't seem right. But this photo/art piece of my father's hat was just perfect. When I got it all done, and really had time to see it placed in the book layout, it really spoke to me, and moved me physically as well as emotionally. I think you will understand if you choose to buy the book and see how the stories and art proceed and flow into this image.

Please consider pre ordering a book at various gift levels today - to help an indie author/artist/publisher forging on. And thanks to all who have helped!

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barbara@sparrowavenue said...

love the hat!

can't wait to see the book!!

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