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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Putting weight on Sugee, taking it off Wilma

We are working on the pony shelter and have it 90% done as I'm writing here. Hope to have it done tonight. Hooray!! It took much longer than I anticipated [I'm guilty of this way too much] and I guess we've put at least 30 hours of time into it. We decided to repost part of the area too - it is the old corral from way back when so many of the posts and boards were half rotten. When we moved here it was hard to find one fence that was in a straight line, so whenever we can we try to add some straightness to this place, even though it will always be 'raggedy'.

I am pleased I have put some rib fat on Old Sugee. She is eating very well and I added rice bran to her mash. And, I know poor little Wilma is losing weight. I can see it now after three weeks. She spends much of her day off her feet and I hope in time her founder issues will lesson if I can get more weight off. They are very obedient about it all and really no trouble. In the new shelter, Sugee will have a separate isle to eat in. Right now I have a makeshift area to let her eat in, so Wilma can't get in, but it is not under cover.

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