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Monday, September 23, 2013

To sip tea with pig and donkey

I received an anticipated package recently. Inside was an object, inanimate, but one capable of moving emotional energy - For when one sips tea from this mug a sensation of comfort and delight merges into another sensation that has no human word, but it leaves one's mind calmer, and one's heart more accepting of harsh weather or human chatter.

Such is the magic of Julie Whitmore's pottery. I have eyed it for some time via her delightful blog. I am not a very big shopper for many reasons. One, the money comes and goes slow and leaves fast here [in your world too, I imagine] but there is always something to fix or improve; Two, I want for little since I live my dream; and three, I'm just scattered and busy and a horrible shopper because it feels like a waste of time and then I make poor choices because I'd rather be working, or sitting in a field. Maybe if I was rich I could spend one day a month shopping - that might be a nice compromise!I remember my old life where I'd take time out of the studio to book shop, or buy new shoes, spruce up my day with a new shirt or dress, it was fun. But I guess I'm graced to have created a life where I don't even think twice about that as a desire.

But, a new mug seemed simple and so inviting. I am so glad to have it now that the rains are coming back and mornings are foggy. I felt a bit blue this morning, but my mug really did make me smile.

If you haven't yet, please visit Julie's blog and see her other delights. I might have to take a barnyard collection and see if we can get one of every animal.


Unknown said...

perfection in co-creation!

Claire said...

A cuppa always tastes better in one of Julie's mugs.......Yours is just beautiful Katherine. I love Julie's work and am fortunate enough to have one of her wonderful art works hanging on my wall along with a Red Robin mug I commissioned.
I'm with you on the shopping too.....righto time for tea, mmm!!

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

I was flu like on Mon-Wed, and I really think my tea at night in that mugh was helpful - wait, of course it was!

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