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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Kneeling from within

I'd like to point out to the many talented artists and illustrators that email me and applaud me for being so prolific and energized and sort of sounding calm and content and elf like- I'm just as lost as anyone. I'm much better on paper, I just mused to someone today. I struggled again with that 16" painting, the poor thing, covered and scraped yet again.
Something is going on that has made me so restless. I did some yelling at the dogs just because they are 9 months old and being dogs. I felt terrible, I couldn't get settled. I took Huck to the mailbox, which out here takes 15 mintues, a nice diversion - the river is really running, a nice sound. Back in the studio, Huck kept sitting near by, even after getting yelled at for nothing, looking at me, as if to say, "I'll help, just tell me what to do" -it broke me up, so I sat on the floor with him and cried, all the while the pug stares at me with one eye.

So instead of working on the project at hand, I did these. One reason I kept painting over the other piece is I felt like I was getting too formula like with the kneeling pose of me/my woman. But maybe she needs to be kneeling. Perhaps she's kneeling because if she stands she'll fall over.

At a gallery show years ago, someonesaid,
'Your women are always sitting down, why?" . I answered, because that is a nice way to be." I ended up allowing myself to just scribble and draw and this is what I ended up with today. Pretty scary. The painting for the gallery will come out sooner or later..."Imagination is my best friend, gotta' look out for the greedy hand..." Neil Young.


penelope said...

I really love that top piece. :)

ESB said...

oh my god, i think i love you. not only does your art make me weep, but now you're quoting my all-time favorite neil song...

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