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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Another man reawakens

Last Wednesday, BW ["Black White"]bravely and calmly allowed me to put him in a cat carrier and take him into his "re-awakening", as I call them, so as not to alarm the kitty he is about to lose his manly gems. I had spent about three weeks slowly tendering up this stray that came upon our farm, a big beauty,and he warmed up pretty fast, obviously starved for attention. Within two weeks I had him accustomed to the front porch tribe versus the barn cats, the latter being a much tougher bunch. He then began sleeping on a comforter I put on the deck for him. I trained him to eat in the crate, and that morning, there was no trauma. After 20 trappings of strays, this was a relief, for both woman and cat. He had a couple bad wounds I'd been trying to doctor, but the vet was able to really clean them well, and treat his ear mites. He really is such a loving cat, he adores being held, much more than many of the tribe. Big Tony has somewhat adjusted to him being on the porch. I have soothed Big Tony's heart and ego by confirming to him that no one takes over his throne and title as king. So thanks to all who participated in the BW raffle - the art was sent to someone in NYC who is going to share a lot of it with people.


Anna said...

I know that you've been doing this amazing and generous kitty work for quite a while, but it suddenly hit me again as I read this just how awesome a thing it is. You rock, Katherine Dunn.

Paige said...

SUCH a great thing you're doing! What a wonderful commitment to animals and their wellbeing.

Robbyn said...

Hi Katherine,

I really love your blog and am passing along the Blogger for Positive Global Change award at my website. Thank you for sharing your journey on your blog, and for caring for the inhabitants of your homeplace and beyond. Global change begins at home. Thank you for all you do to make both home and beyond a better place for all :)

Sally Veganini said...

I havent looked in on your blog- or any others, in a little while..
But was so heartened, to today, and read your recent post about grumpiness-
Oh Oh Oh!
I was there this week.
Yes, sometimes it can feel hard to accept the ebb and flow of all things.. sometimes grumpledom just comes, without a particular reason.. just something to move through.. and some times necessitating a paper bag on ones head!
Hope you're feeling much better now!

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