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Monday, October 15, 2007

One small victory for the environment

This is the day many are writing on their blogs about the same topic - the environment. As you can see above, I am grumpy today. But I would be remiss not to write something, although I think my work and canvases speak for themselves about the environment.

However, I will announce that we found out this weekend that the sub development plans up the hill have been squashed, as the land use Board of Appeals [otherwise known as LUBA] reversed the County Commissioners absolutely inappropriate, ill thought out and not very well explained approval a year ago. Sadly, it took a lawyer and $9,000 or so to prove it; this is not the place for the legal ramblings of the case, but it is a clear victory for land use advocates, and the neighbors and we are pleased and relieved. Martyn and I had are names on the appeal, and neighbors helped donate money along with a local land use advocate group. There is still much to do [and money to raise], and fight for. I urge all voters in Oregon to vote YES for Measure 49 , if you care about water, air, plants, nurseries, vineyards, farms, and forests - and countryside lacking sprawl and billboards. It is what makes Oregon unique. I came from a state without land use planning and if there is an inch of ground, and given the chance, it will be developed for one reason - money.

Martyn and I also had our application approved and finalized and we are enrolled in the CREPS program. By doing so, we will be planting 400 or more native species of trees on our riverfront within the next year, helping to create shade and improve the health of the river and the fish and wildlife that must survive there.