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Monday, October 15, 2007

When things go grumpy

Have you ever met a grumpier cow? I spent the day drawing, and everything was grumpy looking. I started with some ideas I wanted to explore with drawing people, they looked horribly horrible. My energy was all messed up and sometimes you can draw or paint your way out of it, but I think today it is just a grumpy day and everything will remain grumpy until tomorrow morning. I feel so badly for this beautiful cow, who really isn't grumpy in real life, I just allowed myself into his sweet persona. Sorry, Cow. I will bake a pie for you and we can share it, when I'm not so grumpy. No body wants grumpy pie. Energy is transferable, you know, so I will cover my head with a bag and hope that my grumpiness does not spread.

In the meantime, my grumpiness was lifted from me for a few seconds when I found out that I sold this painting , one I have always loved.

I hope this post doesn't make you grumpy, but sometimes my faithful readers think I am always sweet and content, like a fairy in the brook. Not so! Even those of us blessed with so much love, companionship get grumpy, even when you live with Pino Blangiforti and your dog does happy dances.

I'll be better tomorrow.


Linda O'Neill said...

That cow was so ME yesterday! Even grumpy cows are cute.

And congrats on the sale of your painting! It is just gorgeous and I love what it says.

Unknown said...

must have been a whole lot of grumpiness floating around in the air yesterday... i sure was feeling it! in fact, it is sort of lingering today a bit.

i've been 'lurking' here for several months without a word. your writing and art always make me smile or chuckle.


Anna said...

I was also grumpy yesterday. And it's getting bit-by-bit better. Congratulations on sellng the painting~ it's one of my favorites, too. :)

Anonymous said...

I love the top portrait of the cow with its grumpy expression along with the contrast of the little skittish dancing trees behind - brilliant!

Anonymous said...

Hi Katherine ~ I actually really like the grumpy cow painting. I smiled when I read your apology to the Sweet Cow. I totally believe that energy is real and transferable. I think there are times when we just need to Be w/our grumpiness - sort of wallow around in it sometimes until we're ready to be ungrumpy.

I love your blog and your lovely, thought/feeling provoking art. Congratulations on your recent sale of the gorgeous piece! and Thank You for your site ~ I look forward to re-visiting. junemoon

Anonymous said...

I love the grumpy cow! Congratulations on selling that beautiful painting. I bet the new owner is just thrilled. And a huge congrats, too, on your victory over the sub-development. xo

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