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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Call for Aprons!

I want to hang a bevy of aprons on a clothesline for my June 28th Pino Pie event.

I am asking people to donate an apron for the event. All money from sales goes into Pino's secret bucket for his donkey therapy goals. Special Pino thankyou's will be sent to all who donate.

Do you love to shop/antique?
If you find an apron and would like to donate it, please do. I will acknowledge your donation with a surprise from Pino. Don't break your piggy bank, just buy and donate an apron you find charming - we especially love vintage finds, but let your eyes and heart do the choosing. All are appreciated. Make sure to include a mailing address, and email address when you mail me the apron.

Are you a sewer, of ANY level?
Then we'd be honored to have you donate an apron for our cause. You might want to tell me the suggested retail - and again, you will receive a special thank you from Pino.

Make sure you sew a label of some kind in your apron. We know it takes time and energy to create things, and we will appreciate any efforts, no matter how humble [remember, I sew 'messes'...Include your name, address, email. NOTE: Include a business card or your promo card so I can include it on the "Apron Resource" board that I will have by the apron clothesline.

Aprons due by: June 20th
Mail to: Pino Balngiforti c/o Katherine Dunn, 14710 NW Tupper RD, Yamhill, OR 97148
Questions: email me >

Include in mailing: your address, email. Label your apron if you sew it yourself.


Cathy said...

Inspired by your post, I went on eBay and found a set of 10 sweet vintage aprons on which I bid and won. Look for a package!

Dan and I are still hoping to make it there in person...

Apifera Farm said...

WOW! I'd rush right out to Pino, but it's pouring - and your message has brightened this gloomy day. Thank you so much!!!!! DOn't show any to Danny Boy, we don't want him taking off with any of them for his next dance performance. Then again, we know Pino himself likes to wear aprons...

salmonpoetry said...

Kiran and I will work on making something. I will keep my eye out for vintage finds, as well.

We look forward to Pino's Pie Day! We just scheduled our air tickets for our annual July 4th family reunion, and we told everyone we could not leave until June 29th because we had to go to Pino's Pie Day on the 28th.

Happy aproning!

Apifera Farm said...

Wow, Kiran and Lisa, I am so honored you're planning to make room for our Pie Day! But what a great day to start of a celebration/holiday, with donkeys and pie. We are very excited to meet you!

Paula Adams Perez said...

I hope children's aprons are OK too. I have an old pattern given to me from my grandma (92 and still on her 200 acre farm in Michigan) out of her sewing drawer excess, and I am making some aprons for the "little helpers" who come to Pino Pie Days! I've got two done so far.

I'm hoping I can make the long drive from Seattle to be there...

Apifera Farm said...

Momma Pajama! Children's aprons are wonderful! I would love that! I should mention that somewhere- I've read that finding a true vintage child's apron is a real find. The fact you are taking time to make them is just heart warming! I started envisioning where the apron clothesline will go and then the aprons on it, and I thought, but it will be hard to say good bye to the aprons! Good grief! It will have tobecome an annual event perhaps.

herzensart said...

hello my sweet donkey boy, just a short note, I wish I could meet you at your great event. Have to sew now, you guess what.... your blue sheep

Yarni Gras! said...

What a wonderful thing you do. Anything with the equine family makes me happy...and to know you are helping those in need just makes my heart sing. I have an apron or 2 to send....maybe more if I can get them sewn by deadline. Keep opening your heart...........

Joan said...

I'm working on an apron to send to you. I have some vintage aprons as well and I will send a couple of those. This is so much fun--I wish I could come and give Pino a big hug.

Apifera Farm said...

Wow, it's so fun to see people contribute! Thanks, Joan, and Yarni Gras! And everyone. I know it takes time, and postage and effort - the clothesline is going to be awesome!

And today, may12th is "National Wear your apron Day!"

SympleTymes , and Pinkeeps, said...

I just came upon your post about "Call for Aprons"
I posted about it on my Blogs
Also I will be sending package with a couple Aprons too..One package with Vintage Aprons.One package with a Apron created by me.
I LOVE "Donkey Dreams!!!I'm honored to contribute!

Apifera Farm said...

Thanks so much Sherrie! It's so good to feel your enthusiasm through the lines! I'll be excited to get your package, and will be sure to include your info with the hand made apron. Will be posting pictures too! I'll be sure to visit your blog too.
I wish you all could come.

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