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Friday, April 25, 2008

Special Visitor from Afar!

We were so thrilled to have an Official Pie Ambassador come meet us - all the way from Mississippi [Pino likes this state because it has a lot of s's and p's]...I confess, she really came to meet Pino, but I wowed her with some of my apple pie. I must say, the crust was especially delicious, mainly because I put in less water and it was like eating butter...I was thrilled when our honorary pie ambassador had a second piece - I feel I can say this, as she often writes about her pie addictions, and well, what's wrong with 2 pieces of pie? Nothin', I say! Life is short, eat pie.

The weather was miserable [and I must say, this picture does not to either of us justice, we are so much prettier in life, right Amy? Right Lucia?].My tea and pie party with Pino had to become an indoor party for our guests. If Martyn hadn't been home, I would have brought Pino in, but, well, I didn't. Our pie guests took a real shining to Lucia, which happens to everyone that meets her. Paco was well behaved, and just a tad grumpy, but he kept an eye on all to make sure no one stole Lucia. He worries about this. In fact, Paco worries about everything, the poor little fellow. We love him so for his worries.

So thank you Amy and Amy's Mom [who came from Texas] for taking time out of your trip to visit us. And they brought us gifts! We love surprises.


Cathy said...

Okay, I am SO there for Pie Day!

Amy Evans Streeter said...

Ah, to see the photos on the blog...I wish we could have stayed for days and days! Although I'm sure Paco and Frankie (and probably Martyn) would have thought otherwise. But I know you and Pino and Lucia would ahve been game! And that would have meant more pie, too ;) It was truly a wonderful visit, and I can't thank you enough for spending your afternoon with us. As always, hugs to all those soft donkey necks! xoxo from Mississippi PS: And yes, by all means, we are both absolutely stunning, and that sorry rain and stupid camera did NOT do us justice!

Flassie's Fil'a said...

Hello Katherine!

The pie look's so yummy and you both look stunningly beautiful!

There is a link up at the top of my blog to Brenda Pinnick's blog with some information that all illustrators and artists need to know about.

God Bless You and Yours!!!

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