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Thursday, April 03, 2008

More online store news

I've made additions and changes to store print section. I've added some new larger archival prints , incorporating hand written words into the pieces, like these. I've always loved the little girl dreaming of her farm...perhaps you know someone dreaming of a farm that would love this print.I'm a perfect example of dreams coming true, even though it took 4+ decades. I wouldn't have been ready before that, the universe wisely knew. I had other things to experience and do that made me what I am now.

I took off the popular small animal prints that were printed as high end art cards. They were very labor intensive.
I have replaced them with archival 5x7" prints on 8.5 x 11" archival fine art paper.
They can be easily matted and framed.

Make sure you check the nursery section too. I added some popular prints there. I also take requests to print an archival from images you see on my main portfolio site. Most can be made into prints, some can't, so just ask. I do charge additional for the service.


Mare said...

When i was a little girl, i used to dream of owning a farm with my Grandmother Mary. We used to take rides in the countryside with my Parents and look out the windows, and she used to say-"You can always tell how rich a farmer is by how many silos he has" hahaha We would talk about what kind of animals we would have on our farm. She would want cows, and i would want everything else. It is one of my fondest memories.

Linda O'Neill said...

Beautiful prints, Katherine. I really love the "Donkey Ears in Wind" one. The words are so sweet!

coloredsock said...

i love love love love love the little donkey doll at the upper left of your blog. so sweet. at my grandma k's house there was a little stone white donkey pulling a wagon with big fat wheels.the wagon had flowers planted in it--sometimes. i'd saddle up on the donkey's back and pretend to ride with him and deliver flowers. i remember giving it a little push off the ground with my feet, but he was so heavy, it never even budged. and i got red marks on my legs from the metal straps connecting the wagon to the little donkey.if i ever find one of those at a thrift store, i'm getting one for our garden...xo

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