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Thursday, April 10, 2008


I just finished this painting yesterday and am pleased with it. The wind has been so visual and all encompassing in these spring months.On a windy day in early spring, I often have memories of being a young girl, and taking cover in the sumac groves in our back yard. It felt so safe in there, hearing the wind, but being under the leaves. To this day, certain spring smells remind me of those days, and I can vividly remember the jacket I always wore. I remember I loved to put on that spring pullover after a long Minnesota winter.

Now, as an mid life adult, the wind is full of even more intrigue for me. It carries much more meaning, and has so many messages entwined in it's motion. It's been comforting to have lately, it carries love to me from all over. It spreads seeds in the garden that sprout surprises. What are they? I forget, but they grow a little each day.

I'm taking some time today to be outside with Boone. We'll go for a short ride. His mane has such a grand time in the wind. And the tips of my braids will too.


Debbie said...

Katherine, You have a wonderful way with words. As I read, I could feel the breeze, and hear the many messages floating on its waves. The seeds it plants in your garden will be beautiful.

Linda O'Neill said...

I love the way the chair and her legs are white and transparent. Beautiful painting, Katherine.

Thanks for the link to "Alfred's Nose"...what a sweet book! xox

Mare said...

Enjoy your windy day my friend...

Carla Sonheim said...

I really love the painting!! Wind!

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