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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I didn't steal him...yet

One of the good things about our farm is that it is 2 miles down the road from another farm where many lovely donkeys live. One of the BAD things about our farm is that it is 2 miles down the road from another farm where many lovely donkeys live.

This young fellow was born to Gabriella and Angelo, parents to my beloved Pino Blangifroti and Lucia. He is as charming as any small ass can be. And at this tender age [4 days] his hair is as soft as a bunny. And he leaps, and jumps, like a bunny. Which makes the entire package very sweet, like a ...bunny.

If you've been visiting here awhile, you might remember my moral crisis when I first met a then baby Lucia. Since that writing, I of course put stealing Lucia aside, and bought her. It was the best thing I ever did with my money, besides bringing the first two donkeys home [even grumpy Paco adds a certain twist to the barnyard that I cherish]. I don't know where this whole donkey life is headed, but I'm holding on and enjoying the ride.

The weather is warming. My focus is scattered, like the seeds I haven't planted yet.
I think the death of a parent takes a lot of creative energy away - or perhaps it's that the death of a parent allows the artist to rest that creative energy for outward purposes, and use the energy to plant new seeds internally in the worn heart. From that will come a summer harvest. I am not a faucet. Nor is it my purpose to create and create only for external showcases.

I will go to the barn now and see if the new beautiful silver tomcat is back - a definite dumped pet, a real beauty, who cried all morning in the woods, and then suddenly rushed to me and let me hold him and carry him back to the barn. He was very hungry. He told me of his journey - it was shocking, he said, to have been left at the road. He didn't understand it.


Debbie Schramer said...

Your donkeys are so cute. There is something special about donkeys; they are so childlike, almost as if they have humanlike soul. It's funny, lately I've seen several sites that have pictures of donkeys and other farm animals on them. I should send you the links to them. Donkeys are just so adorable./I'm really excited for you, Katherine, that you are able to do so many paintings!! Have you seen the film called "My Kid Could Paint That"?? It's incredible. The little girl is so talented and cute. Mike and I both got so inspired by her paintings, we both did several really cool abstract paintings. She has a website, too.
I think her name is Marta or Mara Olmstead. You'll love her work.
Have a great week.

Cathy said...

Aw, the sweet bunny/donkey babe! Does he have a name yet? How do Pino and Lucia feel about having a baby brother?

Perhaps your dad sent you that silver tom...? Cats in need of a loving home seem to know that Apifera Farm is a magical, welcoming place.

Zan Asha said...

Are you truly trying to steal another donkey baby? I first started reading your blog at about the time you schemed on Lucia. Haha, this is a cute continuation of that, I suppose.

Anonymous said...

K - thnaks for the lovely picture of the baby...it made me smile, damn cute that baby donkey. Glad it's warming up for you and that the farm is getting ready for summer. Sounds like the silver tomcat found a great home.

Regarding marta olmstead...there are many questions about this little girls work, like her artist father is finishing them/touching them up/repainting them. I have taugh art to children for 10 years, ages 4-16 and we have some amazing artists that come to us, but i must agree with the "questions" surrounding this little girls work. Shame on her father (who never could get his work sold) if he's doing what people are saying.

Mare said...

Such a lucky cat to have found you... What a blessing you are to the lost ones...

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