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Friday, September 26, 2008


Is that a word, frivolity? It just seems to describe this recent piece I did for the Bark magazine, a great dog zine. It's a gift card for subscribers to send to friends. They wanted an every day, non-breed specific dog, festive without screaming 'Christmas'. I had much fun doing it, and the curtains and colors pleased me. There's definitely a little of my old friend Louie in that little fellow. Now go subscribe to the Bark, it's a fun read and they are avid buyers of good illustration.

I have to run, we are dragging extension cords out to the barnyard and rigging up an old b/w television. Pino wants to watch The Big Ear One Who Speaks Calmly debate the Grey Back Who Lacks Wrinkles. Apples, figs and crostinis will be served.


Infinite Cosmos said...

what a cute painting! I'll have to check out Bark.

Oh and I'm a fellow donkey mama! Our donkey's name is Berry and he is super sweet :-) I'll be visiting your blog in hopes of seeing more pics of your sweet donkers!!

Sandra Monat said...

so lovely and playful

Mare said...

I love that magazine because they are not just about "pure bred" dogs. I have a copy of that magazine i borrowed from my vet's office. It is really hard to read an article with a 6 week old squirming puppy in your arms! It is a great magazine! I'll have to look for your art work! How wonderful for you! And for the magazine too!

Balou said...

The perfect illustration! And kudos to BARK!

Hey, how long did the debate hold Pino's attention? And what was Pino's opinion of the whole affair? Do Jim Lehrer's black eyes frighten Pino too? Pino fans want to know. :)

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