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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Simple sightings bring pleasure

Simple pleasures are abundant anywhere, and this season there is so much that feels juicy to the soul. Certain things bring back times of pleasure, or safety. These sunflowers greet me every morning, and lift me up in tiny seconds through out the day. How can one not hear them, "Hello there! I'm here and shining, do you feel me?"

I wish I could take credit for raising these beauties. Martyn and I went to a special event this weekend at the Portland Flower Market, the wholesale floral market for all of Portland. We are now members and have a booth there, which Martyn oversees during the week. One of the growers there, The Sunflower Kid, grows quantities of these giants, along with other fresh cut varieties. So I brought two bundles home, and ever time I look at them I feel ...so...satisfied.

Other bounties are arriving. Our little apple trees have giant fruit on them - their young tiny branches drooping as they are full of their offspring. Boone is relegated to taste the first harvest. Our little Asian pear tree too is full. We have one pear, and already ate the one plum of our other fl edging trees. I know someday I'll be sitting around, and it will dawn on me, 'Wow, I remember years ago when we planted these, they were so small..." Autumn brings out nostalgia of many kinds I find. It is my favorite season, but it is also the season I am at my most sensitive. This is not a negative thing. Channeling sensitivity into my art brings good things.

It's just there aren't enough hours in the day. Another feeling brought on by fall for me is the sense I must do many things, create many things, as my life is a gift, and it will not last forever. It is always a shock, to really grasp I will not live forever.


Cathy said...

I love your expression "juicy to the soul"! Autumn is my favorite season also; the crisp air seems so full of hope and possibilities.

Beautiful sunflowers. They make me happy.

Mare said...

I feel much the same way you do Katherine. The longer i live and the more i experience, i reallize that there are no guarantees in life. I feel a need to accomplish all that i have wanted to do now. I set some goals for myself this past year and have done all i wanted to do. And there is a good feeling that goes with that. But there is so much more to do! Let's keep working!

Debbie said...

Fall, my favorite season also. The season of bounty. We are given so much. Lets use what we are given and enjoy the treasures.
Thank you for your descriptive expressions - word paintings - that give emotion to a favorite time of year.

Anna said...

What an amazingly lovely and cheerful still life! I want to paint it...

farmlady said...

Life can be such a gift. Thankfulness and a joyful heart...,(which you seem to have an abundance of),and a bit of hard work. Take a deep breath. See every moment.
This was a lovely post.

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