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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Just say no, Joe

Please visit the Donkey Dream blog to read about a wonderful therapy visit we had with Nuansi, who is challenged by apraxia and aphasia of speech. As you will read in my entry, Nuansi was able to have a reciprocal encounter with this sensitive little creature, without words.

I needed a bit of my own donkey therapy this morning after suffering through a certain speech by a certain governor of a certain state way up north, where, I guess, some people believe Polar Bears are not effected by global warning, and young teens aren't given adequate, oh excuse, aren't given ANY education about sex, but are told to abstain from those longings of the loins. Perhaps I will try this on the farm: "Joe Pye Weed, ignore your testicles brimming with hormones, go not forth to that ewe, for I have not married you together, and you must be brave and noble, and like them, you must simply abstain." And even though we are solidly behind the Democratic ticket we will vote for in November, I just wish I'd known that I could have run - I mean, I was a block leader one or two years in my old neighborhood. Martyn would have been a perfect VP pick for me- shoring up the white male fishing vote. And while I've never skinned a mule, or shot a gun, I've banded a ram testicle.

So all the groaning and shouting I did at the TV had me exhausted, and quite depressed. Obviously the cynicism of last's nights farce has left a bit of cynicism in my hand. I apologize, dear readers, as I do not use my blog for political rants. To cleanse myself, I took time this morning to sit amongst the donks, as they bathed in the fall morning sun. Pino was not concerned. Do you know, I felt so upset about world affairs, that, I confess, I shed a small tear or two on Pino's mane as I held him. I held him hard, and heard his breathing. And then he transmitted a message to me...it wasn't a sound, it was a group of letters that formed in my head as I hugged my donkey......o b a m a


Tracey said...

What a beautiful sound! :)

Unknown said...

I hear it, too.

Cathy said...

You and Pino should be out campaigning.

Tai said...

I pray that Pino has the last word. That little donkey has more wisdom and kindness than the entire Republican party combined.

sigrid said...

that's funny, my hens say, "bawraaaak, bawraaaak!"

JoyceV said...

Here, here!! (or is it hear hear???) I want to say touche' , but I can't get the accent over the e.
All in all I think you expressed perrrrfectly what so many of us are feeling. Well, I could go on but I won't .

Take care!!!

deborah said...

If you didn't let your ewes wear such provocative outfits, listen to rap music and watch r rated movies, poor old Joe wouldn't HAVE lust in his loins. Shame on you. Are you perhaps not modeling the best behavior?? Remember, I've seen the see-thru apron!
I shared the painful experience of watching her, thought I should be informed in order to be fair but OHH the AGONY! From Pinos mind to america's ears. o b a m a

Mare said...

I see that whole convention upset you too? Since when did mean spiritedness,insults and lies "Uplift" anybody? That was the part that upset me. How someone could say all those things and get people...motivated? excited? What about the REAL problems in the world? What will they do to make things right? All of it upset me deeply...I hope and pray the Country makes the right decision this time...

belvedere beads said...

me too, i was yelling at the tv, the dogs were wondering whatever was going on, my husband just shook his head (the poor old hippie) and said he couldn't take any more and went to bed.

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