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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Therapy goat

In a previous post, I mentioned I had spoken at length to Dove Lewis about donkey therapy visits to senior homes in the Oregon area. In that conversation, I was told about a woman named Sandy Amos taking her young Nubian goat, Gracie,to visit retirement homes - and loved that. A friend sent me this link to a story about this same woman and her therapy goat. Our hats and hearts go out to this gentle little goat.

The woman talks about her special poop bag she made for the goat, and how she must clean it during visits [this includes urine and poop, mind you]. I commend her. As I stated in that post, I still want to focus on bringing people to Pino and his farm. It will leave out a lot of elderly though, and I still hope to work with a senior facility somehow.

So Pino says, "Rock on Sndy and Gracie!"


soggibottom said...

Love to read all your donkey stories. We have a donkey sanctuary here in Devon. Ah..... everytime we visit, which is often, want to take them all home.
Much love soggibottom cottage
x x x x

Boomka said...

Donkey Therapy? That might be the greatest pairing of words I have heard. Beautiful fantastic!

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