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Monday, March 23, 2009

Hot dog happy

We did something miraculous on Saturday. We took the day off.

We had some of Martyn's family out to celebrate our post birthdays. The weather cooperated perfectly, and we had a perfect menu: hot dogs, baked beans and cake. I know hot dogs are the antithesis to eating grass fed lamb, but, I still need my quarterly crap food intake, and hot dogs does it for me. I was bloated for 48 hours, but what the heck. A girl needs a salt infusion to keep from wearing a belt.

It was good to have some little girls out too, running around enamored with various animals. My niece of seven or so said to me, "Boone is a really good name for a horse, it sounds like a race horse," and just then Boone rushed over to the fence. Serendipity, baby.

I put the lambs in the orchard, and the donkeys in the studio paddock, so we had panoramic animals. Guinnias and Huck stayed in the back of the studio, but had an open door to peek into. Guinnias was in heaven, he seems to really like being independent of the barnyard and included in people activities. Frankie did not attend the party, hot dogs would have pushed her over the edge. At one point, I looked into the studio from the orchard, and saw my little niece casually letting Guinnias back into the studio, leaving Huck alone out back. I greeted her with the old goat at her side, and she matter of factly said, "I thought Huckleberry needed some time to himself."

It was good to see youth taking over Apifera again. So thank you Livvie and Becca, for reminding us it is a special place we live on, and makes people of all ages happy.


Sandra Monat said...

greetings to your special place, dear Katherine. Long time no see, have catch up. But now I´m here and will have a look if everything is fine with little Pino and his mommy :)

Claire MW said...

How lovely! Sounds like a wonderful day was had by all - humans and animals alike. I always so enjoy hearing about Guinnias and I'm glad he had a fun day too! Thanks for your comments on our little donkey. I think the farm from which Willow was taken had several donkeys, so we know nothing about the father. The thing was, when we adopted the angora goats, the shelter made sure we were aware that she was with a buck when confiscated and could well be pregnant. There was no such warning about Willow, so I truly think they had no clue. We are currently expanding the pasture size and will be rotating on a 45 day basis from one pasture to the other for the animals. We named him Onyx. He seems to love running around in circles - we often see him galloping around the pasture, which is such a joy. I am still amazed at his size and wonder about his father - perhaps a standard size donk? We shall see how big he gets...

it's in the details said...
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cc said...

What a wonderful post! It's really great to see you had a day off: you very much deserve it. Hope there are more like that soon!

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