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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Universal gestures

The juxtaposition of Lilly's newborns on Monday evening, 18 hours after the death of Coral's triplets is a perfect symbolic gesture from the universe that life in deed does go on. They are beautiful, healthy girls- yes girls, we love girls. Mom and babies appear well, and strong. The picture below shows Rosie in the background, our other ewe with ketosis. She is hanging in there as well as she can.


Juli said...

Wonderful news and welcome to the new babies! How is dear Coral? Any change?

Pat said...

I am sorry about the name, I meant Coral. But, I am fighting over the keyboard with two kittens. They are winning.

Kathy said...

They are so sweet. I hope Rosie is doing better. And I hope Coral is back on her feet again.

Cathy said...

Beautiful lambies!

display name said...

Hi there, new visitor here.

I can't remember whose blog I followed you over from, but the title of your blog immediately reeled me in. And of course, seeing as how the first two posts I read are about Coral's triplets and the struggles you all went through, I am in tears! :(

This, especially, did me in:

"I even slept in the stall with her for 3 hours Friday night in case her water broke. Martyn came out and found me on the stall floor, and said we were both sleeping, with Coral resting her head on my chest, so he left me there undisturbed"

I am a huge animal lover and would find it virtually impossible to NOT become emotionally invested. Ack.

Anyhoo, I just wanted to let you know that I will be following along on your blog. And lighting a candle for Coral!


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