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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Morning senior group

In which we find our typical morning hay klatch. It appears Apifera mimics the outside world. The old ladies out number the old men, goat wise that is, and poor Old Guinnias always attract company of the female persuasion.


Sharon Stanley said...

have had to purchase a new computer...hate change....have been offline for a bit...so happy to see that things at apifera are as they should be...everyone in their proper place...

marilyn said...

What a group, know I would fit right in as an 'old goat'.
Just watched a documentary 'Sweetgrass' which I think you would like. Got it at the library, it's about sheep ranching in Montana and there is no music, no narration and very little in the way of talk but you feel you are there.

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

Sharon- ah, computer angst, we've all been there, welcome back. Ima, that sounds so cool. I really want to do a more serious movie, but, just haven't had time to think. But I'll look it up.

Sparroweye said...

I love Pino's song. So cute, thank you for that Pino. It just made my day.

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